Video Intercom System

Video Intercom System

Smart home loT technology of FORTIS MYANMAR TECHNOLOGY will continue to grow and develop by thinking of better future and secure its position as a leader in the smart home system. FORTIS MYANMAR TECHNOLOGY has secured the global leadership in loT-related products through advancing the business structure and global management. Find FORTIS MYANMAR TECHNOLOGY continuing to developing develop as top global leader company.

From visible places to even invisible places, latest solution of FORTIS MYANMAR TECHNOLOGY enables the secure access control and management as well as the secure management and operation of the area in connection with the security.

FORTIS MYANMAR TECHNOLOGY has been producing excellent products with quality through highest level of technology. With constant development of technology, we are creating the new future for KOCOM's LED lighting.

  • Video/Audio Intercom System
  • Villa Video Intercom Solution
  • Emergency Intercom System
  • Cost effective and easy solution