Customer Experience-CX

Queue Management System

From chaos and uncertainty to queuing and clarity

Happy customers are good customers. If you can provide a great experience throughout their visit, they are more likely to return, and to recommend your services to others.

Here’s where an effective queue management system makes a big difference. The basics, as we see it, is primarily about making sure that customers are served in the right order. Preferably while allowing them to engage in something less boring than physically waiting in line. This is our home turf.


Smarter systems for basic waiting line management

This means that we can provide you with anything from an entry-level smart queuing system to advanced solutions for complex queue management. Or, as we like to put it in the latter case, customer journey management. So, what do we actually mean with an entrylevel queuing system? Basically the typical arrive - take a ticket - keep an eye on the display for called numbers. And, when it’s your turn, follow the signage to your serving counter. All this can easily be achieved with our Qmatic Solo platform combined with a self check-in kiosk and displays to keep visitors informed.

Benefits of complete customer journey management

However, for the more complex requirements we offer the possibility to pick and choose among modules, thereby tailoring a system to perfectly suit your needs. You may then opt to buy it as a perpetual, on premise license on the Orchestra 7 platform. Or select Qmatic Cloud Solutions for a SaaS option on subscription. Your solution can of course be implemented enterprise-wide, on several locations and for virtually any number of users. Both functionality, number of users and locations are flexible and can easily be changed when your needs do.


Advanced queue management features

  • Online appointment booking
  • Virtual queuing via smartphone
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Extensive statistics and analyses
  • Real-time monitoring

Online Appointment Booking

Allow your customers to schedule appointments online and smoothly move from check-in to service.

A personalized user interface gives the customer optimal convenience and a sense of control. From this first touch point, they are able to make a productive connection with your organization. They enter your environment informed and prepared, reducing anxiety and equipping them to take care of their appointment with fewer hurdles.

Scheduling capabilities fully integrate with queuing and self-service check-in modules within Orchestra and other third party online systems to streamline each customer journey. From the moment someone books an appointment, you are informed to select the best employees and resources to handle customer volume and needs.

The result is better service and a higher functioning environment. Employees are more productive and fulfilled. The organization experiences fewer no-shows and incorrect appointments. Every touch point contributes to the best possible customer experience for everyone.